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help opening omega plt hp file format

James Chrimes

New Member
I somehow ended up with a file saved as a plt hewart packard file format instead of a regular plt format. I can view the file in the preview but can not open it. Why would gerber offer this format if it will not open it or is there a way that I do not know about. Thanks for the help. Jim


New Member
did you try renaming the file to a .plt? Also, it might be a raster file or have one embedded which causes problems.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Open the file in CorelDRAW or any other application that will import an HPGL PLT file. Save it as AI or EPS and import it back into Omega.

thomas barth

New Member
I have had this problem, too. The answer? Don't open the file in Composer, import the file into Composer. Skip the "other application" business. Tom