Help Please.. How was this done?

Not sure how these were made.. Used to be done on demand with custom text. I originally thought sublimation, but the close-up pics seem to look a little too 'wet'? Sizes can be up to 36" or more. Wood is even a little rough and not sanded before process. This one is about 24x30". 4 boards about 6" wide, but close up of the seams appear to show it was done as 1 image?


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Templated based then "aged" in Photoshop. Flatbed printed. I'd bet an action is used to "age" any variable copy.


Thanks for that. But doesn't it look like too much ink? Looks pretty thick in places.
I thought you meant there wasn't enough material to be printed, as in you thought it was printed onto something very thin.
Could have just had UV clear coat brushed onto it, like others said.


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The thickness probably comes from a white base. I'm sure the wood was painted before printed on the flatbed.


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Screenprinted. Initially everything but the name of the location which was screened and the name & tagline(s) were screened as needed. I'd look into flatbed printing it and applying clear or shellac for weatherproofing.