Help Request - VG-540 - Versaworks 6.8 crashing during install?!?


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Recently purchased a VG-540 and I am unable to successfully install the VersaWorks 6.8 program.

Attached are the photos of the issues I am running into. They are in chronological order.

The last error (final photo), is an error that is prompted after the unit crashes and reboots up. This did not happen before installing the versaworks software.

Any suggestions and/or solutions would be greatly appreciated.



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to restore function of the pc
boot off a windows 10 disk or repair disk & choose repair your computer
system restore
choose a restore point before your install

if that doesn't work, hold down <ctl> on reboot, choose safe mode
from a run command. sfc /scannow to restore files that changed
you may have yo do some updating after this

if you find you still crash from time to time, download "who crashed" home edition
it is really good for intermittent crashes & home version is free

i dont have an opinion yet on what caused your problem because my ipad will only display your last jpg.


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I've seen this once (not the skype error tho) and the guy had a additional antivirus program that did not allow the installation even when the folders were excluded.
Removing antivirus (windows defender is okay) and removing all of Versaworks, then re-installing and everything went fine.
But I think this Skype thing is a separate issue that maybe you just happened to get because of the bluescreen. Possible it was updating on the background at the same time.