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I have a logo that I put on the tanks of fuel trucks. I have always done it in two colors of vinyl. I am now doing a test run with Averys new ez rs wrap material. I will be printing on my roland xc-540. ( and I work out of X3).

The graphic is an 11.5 foot arrow with the company name on it. Nothing to fancy, but would like to make it better with the printer.

The question I have is I would like to make the graphic 3D so the words look like they are coming out of the arrow. I hope this is clear enough. The tools that I need to mess with would be the ..........

I tried the extrude it really weirded it out. I am pretty new to the effects and so on. Like I said I have been doing the straight vinyl. So messing with shading and the fun stuff I have not done.

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Select this option.....

when you extrude.


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A simple way - in corelx3

Take your text... Convert to bitmap(300 dpi - transparent background)
Click on it, right click "edit bitmap" this will load CorelPHOTO with the bitmap you just created.

Once in CorelPHOTO - go to "Effects" then "Texture" then "Plastic" Goof around with that. Gives an emboss/3d effect.

Save it when finished.. ( this will save it to the original CorelDRAW file you still have open....)

If you need more help PM me...

something like this?