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Help with CJ 500


New Member
Got a little problem. I was puting in a new ink cart. and I pulled out the wrong one. I did notice and put it back in. then put the new one in the correct place. However the one I pulled out (black) and put right back in seems to have re-set the ink level meter, the printer thinks I put a NEW black in. I do remember where the black level was so I am paying attention , however I thought the printer was smarter then that. Does the printer just do a generic count down on the ink carts?


Premium Subscriber
Yes. It lets you know when you’re running v-e-r-y low, it lets you know when the bay is empty and records when another cartridge is put back in. It can’t tell if it is full or partial… but it can tell if it’s empty.

Even though the manufacturers tell you not to do this, we generally check all of our cartridges before starting any new large job . Those bar indicators aren’t all that accurate or dependable. Our rep told us to take them out and shake them and that’s how we basically tell how much is in yet. We generally know as we go, but Monday morning is always tough trying to remember.

Good Luck.


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I had an ENCAD 600e and it had re-fillable bottles and I could see the ink level in them. I miss that with my CJ. I like the better quality and the print/cut .. but I would like to know how much ink is in there.. Oh well I will shake away!