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HELP with CoCut Please


New Member
Once again we are attempting to cut out of Corel Draw 12 to a Vinyl Express GRC 61 Plotter. We have ordered cocut to help with this problem. We are running a Roland PNC 1100 driver and were able to cut out of cocut demo (just not the right size) We have installed cocut and now we can't do anything. The plotter won't even start. I was able to find a couple of different drivers as GRC-61 and nothing. If anyone has suggestions I would be so appreciative. Thanks!! Also, cocut tech support said to run it out of the usb key port. I am unable to install the drivers to run on that port . . . .


New Member
Got your dongle or copy protection key installed? I bought cocut way back when to run my graphtec, and they forgot to include the dongle. Can't do anything without that.


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IF you still have problems feel free to call me. I wil do what I can.
But i am not sure what your challange is. It sounds as though your are trying to run your cutter through a USB port and cocut has a dongle in a USB port.