Help with Corel 11


I'm not sure how to explain this so I posted some pictures below. The first picture is how corel files are supposed to look on your desktop. The second picture is how they look on my desktop. They still open alright, but they just don't look like they are supposed to.

I know it's not a really big deal since they still open properly, however I don't want to accidently delete something thinking the file is no good.

Can anyone help me get them back to the way they are supposed to look?


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when I do that it just opens up the file...there is no option to choose use this choice everytime...

You have to select "Choose Program..." at the bottom of the 'Open With...' popup the you invoked by right-clicking the file icon. This brings up another dialog where you can choose the program to use as well as specify to always use this program for this type of file.


That opens the file in corel...which it does if I just double click on the file...but it doesn't change the icon for the file. :help:


Is this only on local computer?

Is this only on a local computer or on a network? i have seen this same problem but only on a nework with a VPN connection but never had that problem when running 1 pc.


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OK what you need to do is check to see if the file on the XP machine is save with a thumbnail. Or try and create a new file and make sure you save it with a thumbnail. Hope this helps.