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help with font

creepin cutty

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It looks like 'Churchill' script, although my lower case 's' is slightly different.

Fred Weiss

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General Motors has been using exclusively licensed letter styles for years. It's doubtful that the base font for what you show has ever been a commercially available font.

Fred Weiss

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Basically ... you can't. The only thing you could do is to search visually for something similar. Myfonts.com has a nice site for doing that. Just enter in the text and start scrolling through their library. Here's a link to the section you would want to be in.

Fred Weiss

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Can Some One Help Me Come Close Or Maybe A Little Cleaner??

The first thing you should do is to go back to that link I provided you and find the font that best suits your needs ... if it exists. That is an exercise in investing several hours of entering the text string and going through better than 400 pages of type showings.

If you then find a match, then you will need to purchase the font and install it on your computer. Once that is done, you can type out the text and match it up to the sample of "Cutlass Salon" and modify it for best fit. Simply downloading a low resolution image from MyFonts.com is not going to get you a clean finished result.

As I mentioned earlier, GM has a long history of not using commercially available fonts and, considering that electronic type had not been invented when the Cutlass Salon was manufactured, it is highly doubtful that you will find a matching font in electronic form.

The best and most efficient solutions you will find are:

  • Vectorize it yourself if you have the knowledge and software to do so.
  • Hire The Vector Doctor to vectorize it for you.
  • Hire a local sign company to vectorize it for you and produce it if need be in vinyl.
I would also suggest that you check your spelling. Cutlass has only one "t".