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Help with Panther...


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There is a person here in my town that decided to buy a 24" panther vinyl cutter to do sports team decals and stuff like that with absolutly no experience whatsoever in the business. I have been vectorizing some stuff him lately and he is having some problems with the cutter. I have no idea what software it is but it is whatever came with the cutter. He says he needs the files as eps files and that the program won't import corel files or illustrator files. Is that right or is he missing something or doing something wrong?

Also, some of the stuff I've vectorized for him he says isn't cutting properly. For example, text with an outline is only cutting the outline and not the text inside the outline (does that make sense?). I figure he's probably got something set so that it only cuts 1 colour or something like that but I'm not really sure.

I was just wondering if someone out there can shed some light on this for me.



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The important thing is to find out what software he is running. Most likely LXi, I think that is what comes with it. If he can not import Illustrator files he can not import eps files. Hell who does he think created eps format? I can not stand guys such as this. I have one in our kneck of the woods, goes out and buys a panther cause he thinks how hard can it be to letter my race car?

I do not run this software however, this has been answered previously. You can do a search from the top of this page for lxi software. Or better yet have him contact Signwarehouse who sold him this package deal.


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I'm a Panther owner. What I got with my stuff was VE LXi Master cut program. Sounds like that everybody in the mix here is having difficulty getting to "first base" with it. Vector EPS imports fine into my program that cuts for it. So....a little more information would be helpful. Like, exactly what is sending the data to the cutter.

I'm on a Mac, but there's not a lot of difference in how to set and send stuff for the Windows machines. Also, there are free tutorials online for the LXi from SignWarehouse.



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He or you can go to signwarehouses web site and find the tutorials they have there, as far as Corel files if they are saved as EPS they will work.


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Send him to the place he bought the cutter.. They got paid,, they supplied the machine and soft,, they should supply the means to get him up and running.

Frankly I am getting a little bored with suppliers selling cheap then expecting us to save his customer. Nothing like passing the expense of training to someone else i guess..


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I think I will just tell him to contact whoever he bought it from...I think he got it from Signwarehouse. I'm definitly not going to waste alot of time with it. Was just curious as he is telling me he can't cut the vector files I give him (that's he's already paid me for) and is acting like it's my fault.:rolleyes: