Help with Roland TUC-1 Take up reel


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First time using the take up reel(Roland TUC-1) on our SC-545ex, but I'm having a problem with it actually taking up automatically. It works fine with manually pushing the button, but will not automatically wind. I've attached a pic. Do I have it webbed correct? I can't locate any manual for the TUC-1. It doesn't seem like it should be that difficult. There is a sensor on the bar in the rear pointing to a reflector on the front of leg. I assume when the beam is broken, the unit is activated, correct?


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Jack Knight1979

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When the sensor is picking up the reflection of the bean a green led with come one. When the beam is broken and the motor is activated a red light will come up.

Clean the sensor glass and the reflector. Adjust them until you can get the led to go green. If you get nothing from the led you either have a bad sensor or you have a power problem.


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make sure the power button is on at the TUC 1 and that the sensor switch is activated. This is the left rocker switch.

First things I checked. Power is on, otherwise the manual feed wouldn't work and the sensor switch is in the forward position. The sensor on the lower bar is lit up and if I put my hand in front of it, I see the red dot. Should the unit activate if I wave my hand in front of it?