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Help !!!!!!!!!!


New Member
I am trying to move a file from coreal to flexi so that i can cut it, and when i export it and pull it up in flexi it puts nice little lines through it. and i also need to no how to change text into cures in flex so that it does not try to change the font thnks for any help Jason

The Big Squeegee

Long Time Member
Looks like you are having a panic attack.
The lines may be from a problem with registration of the product. Make sure it is registered.
In Corel you change the text to curves with Ctrl-q. I'm no help with flexi.
Change it to curves in corel and save it as an EPS file. Flexi can import the EPS file. I think....:)

Joseph Dunkle

New Member
Was it like cutting the letters in half when you looked at the cut paths on the screen? It was doing that to me when I imported an Ai. file, it cuts them fine though.

What I do is select all convert to curves in corel, export Ai. v7 and import into flexi

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The segmented cuts has to do with the way Corel treats combined objects when exporting in EPS or AI. The workaround is to perform a "Break Apart" in Corel and then do a Path Sort - Automatic in Flexi after first converting the imported EPS to outlines.

That may sound complicated but it just a couple of extra steps that are specific menu commands.

And, yes, anytime you take text from one application to another you should always frist convert the text to outlines (paths in some applications). The exception would be when you are creating an Acrobat PDF.