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hey from eugene OR


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new member over here,

ive got a glass blowing business in eugene oregon. i use my vinyl cutter for sand mask and etch masks. with the occasional signs or stickers for someone. im hoping to start making more signs in the future. ive made a few for people lately and its been pretty lucrative. well take it easy all

Jon Aston

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Welcome twistedd.

Glass blowing is a fascinating art - and I'm only guessing not an easy business to thrive in. Do you have a website, or maybe some pics to share?
You set up in a shop or at home?



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I would love to see photos of your work and hear any tips you might have on photographing etched glass. I haven't been very successful with that.



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Hey from Florida.

Glass-blowing, eh? Very cool.

(I try not to call custom-cut vinyl graphics "stickers", btw--sounds too cheap--just my 2 cents!)

Have fun here and good luck.