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Hey Hey Hey... it's a new guy...


New Member
Howdy all, Doug here from ASL Signs in Surfside Beach, SC. Found this forum looking for some answers to a problem I'm having with our Mimaki. Been doing sign work (mostly vinyl) since the early 90s (lol... CASmate for DOS!)

Anyway, this place looks like a treasure trove of information, I look forward to sifting through it all, now to head over to the Mimaki forum with a question...


Go Bills!
Hi Doug, I spent Easter break in your town, pretty sure I drove past your shop while I was there.



Support & Tech Administrator
Hi ASL_Signs and welcome to the Signs101 community. Glad to see you posting.
And you're absolutely correct: Signs101 is a treasure trove of information for people in the signs business.
Please do enjoy your stay. Cheers. :welcome: