hey Stacy, look what I've got...


as soon as it landed, oh no, a Borg tried to steal the TARDIS!!!! good thing Scooby, Jean Luc and his Klingon life partner were on hand to save the day...get um Scooby!


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Just Me
Love it Marlene... that is just too cool... dammit... now I'm gonna have to head on over to Amazon lol

Did the key chain come too?


Did the key chain come too?

no not yet, still waiting

What? No 1' Dalek to go up against the Tardis?

no, the action figures of the DR and such are still at Amazon awaiting my next paycheck:Big Laugh

Omg.....what is Scooby doing?!? ;)

well he is chewing that Borg's butt, of course.

the light on top blinks and it makes that whoosh whoosh sound