Hi Everyone

Sandy Woods

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Hi Everybody,

My name is Sandy and I work for Signs Etc of Charlotte. That’s Charlotte, NC. I’ve been in the sign industry for a long time. I’ve enjoyed reading the post here in this forum and I wanted to become a verified member. My company is one of the largest here in my area. I started off peeling and weeding vinyl, moved into the sales department for several years and now I am back where my heart is and that is designing. We don’t vinyl our signs much anymore since we bought the Zund printer. That’s a wide format UVJet printer. The machine paid for itself from one job we got for the theme park, Carowinds. We’ve since bought a second Zund printer. The printer is great. It prints directly to the medium. We are the only sign company with two of these babies. It allows us to produce a 4x8 in a matter of minutes instead of hours like before. There are some very talented people here in this forum. I learn something new every time I visit here. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to anyone. I am glad I found this site.

Thank you for reading this,

Fred Weiss

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Hi Sandy and welcome.

I'm curious .... what software do you use for setup and driving the Zünd printer.