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Hi Everyone


New Member
Hey there Everyone
Registered here a long time ago, just not sure if I ever even posted anything (I guess I'll find out when I post this and take a look huh)
This forgetting I do....has something to do with those teenage years I suspect ;)

Anway...... I never was any good at that everyone sitting around in a circle and "tell a little bit about yourself" kind o' thing.
So I guess I'll just join right in and start posting at some point instead.
I see a lot of names I recognize from other boards
HEY all!!

So hope you all don't mind.....I'm gonna' browse around a bit :wink:

Looks like a great place to continue learning

Can an admin possibly change my registered name to


for me please, I would prefer that over the caffeine problem I've got going
thanks so much.

(oh MAN, no spell check? - this is going to be painful I can see it already :biggrin: )

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
As per your request, your User Name has been changed to Leigh. We're happy to see you've broken your silence of 28 months since you registered.


New Member
:Big Laugh 28 months???
oh my

Fred you just might be wishing for those months to return :tongue:

Thank you for the new user name Fred