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Hi from Missouri


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Hi everyone, I'm from Missouri and have been in the sign business for 15 yrs., I still get that fuzzy feeling when I see our signs and t-shirts.

I'm not much on posting but do find reading post very interesting but always willing to help if possible and of course I'm always willing to give my opinion because we all have one right...lol

Well, I'm glad I found this site and will be visiting often, you never know what you might spot.

cya around



It Nice to be Important but it's More Imporant to be Nice!



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Welcome from the 'Still... Wetlands' of Pennsylvania. You'll like this place.



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Hey Spotter....from Californication! :wink:


Just to let you know....after 35 years the "warm fuzzies" still abound........especially on the artsy-fartsy ones. :tongue: