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Hi from Northwest Florida


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Hi there.

I just registered today.

I'm 31, and I roll biscuits for Hardees. I also recently bought a Roland CX-300 plotter so I can do some sign work on the side.

I'm not new to the sign business. My dad owned and operated a sign business for about 15-20 years. He managed a sign company here for about 5 years, but that sign business closed and the owner had my dad re-trained to be a jeweler (the fellow now owns a jewelery store). My dad went from being an excellent sign guy to being an excellent jeweler :).

I've done all kinds of less-than-mediocre jobs (about a job per year was my average). Before I got my job at Hardee's I decided to try to stay with whomever hired me just to change that average. Well, Hardee's hired me.

I tried to do signs before (without buying a plotter and without having any other source of income), and it was a miserable failure. Perhaps it will be better this time. I think having a plotter and another income makes a bit of difference.

Anyways, I have perused this bulletin board and it seems nice. I wanted some opinions on a job coming up (will post that elsewhere); so I thought I'd register.


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Techman is right.

I am from Pensacola, and I live just down the road from Old Paint.

Thanks for the welcome folks.