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Hi From SW Louisiana


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Hi y'all. New sign gal here from SW Louisiana. I bit the bullet and bought a Panther 24" cutter. I'm having lots of fun with it doing small stuff. I've been hit with some request for larger signs, though, and now the stress is setting in. Any suggestions on where I should start as far as suppliers go. I'm looking at replacing a lighted, molded sign, which will not be molded, and also, a totally new sign which will not be lighted. The lighted is 5'x8' and the other is probably going to be 5'x8' also.

:thankyou: Thanks for any input.


Fred Weiss

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Welcome to Signs 101 Preia.

I can't tell you first hand but would recommend that your check under Sign Supply Distributors in either the New Orleans or Baton Rouge Yellow Pages (or the closest large city to you) as a starting point. While you're there, look up Plastic Sheet. The 5' width on the plastic can be hard to find among sign suppliers.


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CAll Reece supply..
But its goona cost ya extra.. 5' panels are not common// ARe u near new orleans?


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denver has some problems..

They may be good the first 5 times , then suddenly they blow it.. And when they do they say its YOUR fault.

Lost orders, wrong stuff delivered. substituded.. etc.