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hi there


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Hi all thought I would briefly introduce myself. My name is Paul and I run signworx here in the UK, my main area of work is hand painted signs though I do the sticky stuff as well. I also pinstripe but theres not an awfull lot of that type of work here in the uk. I started out in the trade about 25 years ago working for a company on the coast whose main work was fairground rides, that was one doozy of an apprenticeship,didnt paint anything for about 3 years but my boss made me letter and airbrush practice boards every day. The day came when he said "get your gear you've a sign to do" I started shaking and still do when I think about it. All went well and the rest is history.
I see many names here that I recognize from other forums and picked this link up from signforums, so far I like what I see but havn't had time to look round properly yet. I see Mike the Sign is here and let me tell you folks that vinyl work is flawless, ive seen it close up and not a bubble, wrinkle to be seen. I've posted an example of my striping and will put some of my work in the gallery.


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Glad to see you, signworx. Any tips on airbrushing or painted signs would do me alot of good. Hope to hear much more you and the members across the Atlantic.:brittain:


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A late welcome Paul, great work, keep posting em, great to have someone with such talent!!