High Res Prints On Mutoh Falcon II


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So I have this customer that wants photographic quality prints. My RIP software (onyx) goes as high as 720-MD, but my Mutoh will far exceed that with 2880. Problem is that I'm under the understanding that my RIP software overides my printer, concluding that 720-MD is the highest I can go. So has anyone ever just printed a photo straight to the printer, bypassing the RIP software?

Here is what I posted in the RIP Software & Color Management forum, icase this helps explain my situation. I'm just wondering if I can give this customer the same quality print that would come off an Epson printer.

I believe I'm correct in saying this, but I was wondering if someone could verify it for me? But I'm assuming that if Onyx is printing at a resolution of 720-MD, even though the printer is set 1440 dpi, I'm still only getting the quality that that Onyx is giving me?

So basically my resolution can only go as high as Onyx will let me (720-MD)?? That seems crazy, but I've tried running the printer at higher dpi's, and I don't really see a difference. Maybe I should take this to the Mutoh forum to see what anyone has to say over there. Thanks for the input y'all!


Any advice would be greatly appriciated!!!


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In any ICC-Compliant RIP-based workflow, it is the Media Profile which determines many vairables involved in printing. These generally include ink limits/ restrictions, linearization information, total ink limit, and ICC profile component. This also includes the resolution of the printing. Only resolutions which have been profiled will be available to print with.

In the case of an outdoor machine like the Mutoh FO2, the most popular print resolution is 720 dpi. If that setting is not yielding the quality that you desire (or your clients desire), you would need to:

1) Locate another profile that has been built at a higher resolution, and plug it into Onyx (OML file).
2) Build (or have someone build) a custom profile for your specific combination of machine, inkset, media, resolution, and RIP.
3) Use a different machine, such as an aqueous Epson or HP, that is better suited to producing indoor fine art prints.



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So, if the most popular print resolution is 720 dpi, why print at 1440 and 2880?

Since Onyx is already giving me the option to print at 720 dpi, I'll stick with that. My real problem is that I've told my bosses over and over, that the Falcon II will never give the kind of quality print that an Epson, or even a Value Jet will produce. However, they're not hearing it.

Your advice makes sense, Thanks!!



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You can get outstanding prints off of an FIIO, it will not be as easy as a ValueJet.

While you should be using the same ink set, the heads in the FIIO do have a bigger droplet size. Quality will more depend on the profile and the condition of the machine itself, (i.e. head alignments and feed adjust) and the choice of media itself.

It will be more much difficult to compete against a 12 color aqueous printer with a 2 picoliter droplet size though....