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Hiker, Stimpson, or Fastsnap Grommet Machine ?


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I need to pick up a grommet machine ... Any opinions on the three listed ? They are all in the same price range ... im just wonder if one is any better than the other ...



It's better to have two hands than one glove.
The all do exactly the same thing in exactly the same way. Go for the one you get the best deal on.


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We just got a Fasnap machine. Works just fine. I know that you cna only use dies made for each machine, but is there any issue with using, say, stimpson grommets in a fasnap machine? Seems like they should work, but I dunno



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On my 2nd Fasnap. I liked the ergonomics a little better than Stimson. See if you can try each one to compare.

Don't think the grommets will interchange. Contact mfr and ask.


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Fasnap. Has never missed a hole-in-one yet and ours is about 15 years old. Soon time to get a new die.


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Hiker is a bit heavy...but pricing was right for me and works great. Also able to use it with some cheapie grommets I had cases of. Made the investment for me worthwhile. Probably going to get another one soon.


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I have been using a Stimpson for about 3 years now without a problem. I would have no problem purchasing or recommmending another one.


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I cast my vote for Fasnap...performs flawlessly and has a vast array of products that you can use if you get the die set for each one. I don't believe the grommets are interchangeable with the Stimpson so one factor may be whatever grommets your supplier carries.


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I have had good luck with my Stimpson.

I have an extra die set for a Stimpson if anyone needs one for cheap.



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replicator.....it's too late man....you can't cover it up now. You've been busted brother.....in a full blown love relationship with your grommet machine.

I don't know but I'll bet that's against the rules at Signs101 !! :Cool 2: LOL