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Hiya Folks!

Dane DeFord

New Member
I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Dane DeFord. I officially opened my vinyl graphics business in June of 2003. The name of my company is "DanDe Signs & Designs". The name of my company derives from the first three letters of my first name and the first two letters of my last name. It's been a very interesting transition into the world of vinyl graphics, and I have much to learn. I got into the vinyl graphics business via auto racing. Over the years, I've had several graphics company's lettering my race cars. The last one however really sparked my interest. When I noticed that the owner of that company had just traded in their 1 year old Corvette for a brand new one. I thought to myself "now why couldn't I do that?" I called Advantage Sign Supply and inquired about the equiptment necessary to get started. I ended up purchasing Omega 1.56, the Edge LE, and a Gerber GS15+ in July of 2002. I didn't even have a single roll of vinyl or app. tape. Since then, with my connections through auto racing I have started a successful small business that I run out of my home. I don't remember how I came across this website, but sure glad I did. I'm sure that I will be throwing out questions to all of you, and am grateful to all for your imput. I have found myself visiting here each and every day looking at all the posts. I hope that maybe I can help someone, even if just in some small way. I think this site is awsome!
Thanks Again!
Dane DeFord
DanDe Signs & Designs
Springport, MI