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Hold off on that Vista


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If you have any Gerber hardware and/or software you will want to hold off on that upgrade or new system purchase with Vista installed.

Ran across this on the ND Graphics web site (after following Fred's link to 'Spandex' in another thread; had no idea ND was part of that company :)

Here is the link to the 'more info' in the attached image.



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Thanx 2992, my boy's a software engineer at MicroSoft and was encouraging me just last week to get Vista. And naturally we run Gerber Omega 2.1 on all machines.

Just emailed him the notice from Gerber to see what he says now. Gerber will probably have a patch for it soon. I hope it doesn't cost a bundle, though.

Fred Weiss

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You will need to upgrade your Omega to ver 2.5.x, and then you will receive a free upgrade, when available, to version 2.6 which will be compatible with Vista. Tentative release date for version 2.6 is Spring, 2007.

This is also an interesting eye-opener about upgrading to Vista.


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there are some hidden things going within VISTA.
One, you will need a bigger (more meomory) better card because VISTA moves all graphics operations away from the main CPU and onto the graphics card.

NExt. You will need more cpu power to run VISTA because of all the extra protection added in.
IE: the DMA requirements hog CPU time and memory. For most of us this is hinderance. The program control console is using CPU and memory. This is constantly checking your VISTA machine 30 times a second to make sure you are not running hugh def programming or DVD with unsigned graphics equipment. (license fees to windows). All this is not for your enhancement. IT is to help M$ monopolise the media delivery systems.

Vista is not some great for the average user. Most of us here will never need it. Sure some like the new interface but that will not be available to the average home user.

All this over head and equipment requirements and expense is passed along to you as a user. Most of us will not use any of it in the near future. Why? because most of it is not even available yet.

And then, for those who wish to get bluray or any other high DEF dvd players. Your content images that you pay for will not be delivered to the sreen. The play level wil be highly reduced to that level just above DVD quality.

Steve C.

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A customer in my shop yesterday told me he just bought a new computer
with Vista. He was really pi$$ed. Said that about 90% of his programs and
hardware would not work without tracking down updated versions.
The longer I us PC and deal with Microsoft, the more I wish I had gone with
Mac way back when I decided I needed a computer. Do Mac users ever have
to deal with this kind of nonsence?

Fred Weiss

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Do Mac users ever have
to deal with this kind of nonsence?

Oh yeah. I still remember the nightmare of upgrading from OS 6 to OS 7 on a Mac. I ended up having to lay out over $2K to update all my software. My little iMac still runs OS 9 and I won't go to OS 10 until when and if I ever buy another Mac. It's often easier and cheaper just to replace an entire PC or Mac than to upgrade it ... a fact of life not lost on the hardware and software manufacturers.


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Yeah but Fred...that was back in the late 80s!!! LOL! :) And a lot of the upgrades were to support new processor architectures/manufacturers: Motorola 68K series to PowerPC and now to Intel.


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All I have to say is that moving from OS-9 to OS-X (10) was a total over hall. The good news was that for a few years you could still use OS-9 in "Classic Mode" Worked like crap!

I felt that OS-X was such an improvement over OS-9 you would have to be an Idiot not to upgrade.

From OS-X 10.0 - 10.4 upgrades have been awesome with dramatic improvements along the way.

I can't say the same for Windows 98x or the 2000 disaster, XP was an improvement but still was full of holes IMO

The MAC OS is just rock solid


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Macs are not immune to this either. I am waiting on Adobe CS3 to get an Intel Mac. The switch to Intel was prbably the best thing Apple could do, but has made it problematic for my current software.


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Recently - within several months, bought 2 new systems - PC [and I don't mean politically correct].

Made sure they came with XP-media edition . . . and a disc !

1st thing I did with both systems was wipe them clean of all the CRAP they load on to them . . .

Re-Formatted the hard-drives and reloaded XP-media edition.

These systems are blazing fast and as trusted as they've been for the several years that XP has been out

not that that's syaing much, but we're as happy as clams with our new systems !

They both came with FREE upgrades to Vista . . . "JUST SAY NO TO VISTA"


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This reminds me a lot of discussions as to the "extra budgeting for computers" back when 2000 and ME came out (horrible operating systems...I mean - DOS manipulation! :tongue: ).

I used to cry "planned obsolescence" for it....but now I personally just feel it's merely the way of technological evolution. Knowledge is increasing daily. :wink: