Question How Do They Do It? Acrylic bonding


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I've been wondering how do you guys manage to glue/bond acrylic this cleanly?
Here in our shop, we use chloroform on a glass syringe and we have a hard time doing it with out a few minor spills every once in a while.

I appreciate the input. Many thanks.


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Thank you for the suggestion. I've also thought of that and asked my supplier if there is a vhb tape that is not thick like the typical ones. They don't have anything like that. I need thin ones so that the acrylic will sit cleanly with the background.


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There are a few very thin VHB tapes that can be used. I'm blanking out on the product number but you can call 3M and tell them the two materials you're bonding and they can recommend what will work. Or someone here with a better memory than me can chime in.

It's easiest to use a wide roll of VHB and apply to the back of the acrylic sheet prior to cutting....that way you have full coverage on the letter backs.