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How do you dress at work? Uniforms?


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How do you dress at work? Do you have uniforms? If so what do they look like?

I usually have a regular t-shirt w/ my logo on it and work pants but sometimes I think a regular Gildan 5000 is kind of sloppy. In the winter I just wear Carhartt everything. Just curious what styles other sign folk have been sporting.

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Got to have a uniform, no tee shirts. Look good design good, keep a relatively clean bucket truck and get work.


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I always wear a nice polo work shirt with my logo and company name on it, tucked in with either dress pants or cargo shorts. When I go into a bank, corporate office, airport, etc I like to look professional and people are more likely to trust you and not follow you around watching your every move. I've seen many sign guys with a punk rock band tshirt, jeans with rips and unmarked vehicles. That just screams red flag in my opinion. If I am doing a sign all day with no customer interaction, I'll wear a tshirt and shorts and dress comfortable, but other than that, always professional.

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I wear black shorts with white socks and black sneakers. Also keep my legs covered with sun screen so they stay white. Just a white dress shirt in summer and then a black dress suit jacket when it gets chilly.


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Polo shirt with my logo front pocket and back, clean dark jeans and work boots are my day-to-day if I'm out installing or meeting customers. Winter will see a decent quality sweatshirt with logo front and back. If I'm not out meeting or installing, anything goes, especially in this weather.


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We order everyone 5-10 tshirts with pockets, logo front and back every year plus a couple of sweaters w/o hoods. I have a few polos and a couple of nice pull over sweaters that are embroidered when needed.


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Mainly t-shirts here with logo, but I'll use the occasional polo shirt (usually at trade shows).

Depending on the type of fabric of the garment will determine how the logo is done though (if it's just "line work" or total embroidery, or applique etc).


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Varies. I'm primarily the designer so not much outside work. Clean various color polos (different color for each day) w/co logo on left breast area, jeans w/shirt tucked and a wide leather belt for holding tools if need be. All production employees must wear closed toe shoes! I wear an all leather Thom Mcan kind of shoe. The ladies on the front end i.e. sales, wear conservative business attire and may wear sandals. Installers/fabricators usually wear shorts and T but again no open toe shoes.