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How do you.....

I have a graphic eps for Illustrator from a Clip Art book. It is a black rectangle with a black stroke. Also there is a white box in front with a black stroke. When I cut this I get all kinds of lines in the cut for the boxes and strokes. It's driving me crazy. I have been printing the image and scanning it then running through streamline for a one piece file that doesn't have as many cuts. Is there an easier way. Sorry if this is a newby question but I am a newby.



New Member
Maybe post the file so we can see it...

the only thing I can think of, of the top of my head, is you say the object are stroked. strokes don't cut, they aren't actual vectors unless you can covert them to outlines.

Idea Design

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preview mode...

I cut directly from inside Illy 10. Always before I send to my plotter, I make sure to look at the actual vectors using the preview mode (ctrl-y).

This helps to find erroneous vectors cause by offsets, strokes, and general things that are not always expected.

Bill Modzel

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Before you cut anything take a look at it in outline mode. View>outline or command(control)Y. What you see there is what will cut no matter what it looks like in Preview.

If I understand your graphic correctly. Select all, go to Object>Path>Outline Stroke. That should give you vector lines around the strokes. Select all again. Make sure your Pathfinder pallet is up, Option-click on the bottom row, third from the left. That is the merge command and should take care of your problem.

Idea Design

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my mistake

Bill's right.

I was in outline mode when I was looking for the name of the mode.

I said "preview mode" and I meant "outline mode".

Sorry about that.