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how does this look


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Just wondering how this looks. I didn't create the torn metal part...just using it to see what it looks like. What do you think? Does it look sort of realistic at all?


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the diamond plate look is just a plugin from Alien Skin.

Here's a few more I've been playing around with.


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Arlo Kalon 2.0

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Does it look sort of realistic at all?

..."sort of"... (yawn)... sorry - absolutely NOT dissing you. It's just that it has become the skull of this millenium so far on motorcycle artwork to have all these fills in the torn metal's gaping hole. What you've done is fine... but it is mundane IF you are going for any originality at all. OTOH, if you're just playing with a plug-in, that one does look like fun.


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id be honest to help you. it does look cheap like really no thought was put into it. i mean it is so original that probably a million people out there can do the same thing since they do have the plugins but you should try doing a custom torn metal effect. will take time but will look alot better & will really be happy with your own accomplishments :)

"Deposit Please"

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I agree, it does look like "flat as a pancake" It can use some 3d effects like shadows, depth, but your on the right track, just keep playing with it & make it your own!!!


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Computers are really cool.

Crap in - crap out.

Does ANYONE create designs rather than just hit the "effect" button?.

Imagine the finished product BEFORE you even start. Then create what you imagined.

If it looks exactly as you imagined, then you have created what you "saw". It may be good it may be bad.

Don't see what you can create using all the tools. That is NOT design.

The better designers on this site will concur I am sure.


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:ROFLMAO: I thought this was a new thread and didn't realize it was 4 years old. I remember getting one of these vinyl graphics, with an American flag in the middle, from the Atlantic City Sign Show and re-creating the tear effect by scanning in some tinfoil!