How light is mesh banner material?


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I need to make a 20'x20' single sided banner for a skydiving exhibition jump carrying a flag like the photo below, but using the logo of a company instead. It has to be light enough for a jumper to carry while exiting the plane, be easy enough to unfold once under canopy, and fly straight and stable until landing?

My first thought would be to try and print on parachute fabric (ripstop nylon) but not sure how it would print on the flatbed. Also not sure about how well the UV inks would adhere to the nylon.

Or wondering if anyone has made a banner for this specific purpose before. Other point is...if I can print in house, I'll have to print two or more panels and then sew them at the seams. Any wholesale vendors here who can chime in with suggestions? Would mesh banner material be light enough?



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Boy - Hate to be a doubting Thomas, but that seems like one to stay away from! Suppose it doesn't work right, what could that mean?! Mesh banner seems like a good choice, but man...


I think the unfold part might mess you up. It's probably light enough, but it's not like cloth. Kind od ridged and stiff.



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Bob this sound like a good excuse to get of the shop and test it out for yourself! (Don't you think you deserve to do this after all the work you've been doing lately)?


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LOL Bob who said anything about rest? That would be work "testing the product" before selling to customer:{)-