How things change.


I borrowed these from a friend who collected them using a Sea Searcher magnet around the sites of old boatyards on the River Thames.

These attractive vitreous enamel registration plates were issued on an annual basis and simply thrown in the river on expiry.

Today’s equivalent? Flimsy paper plates which fade in the sun and curl in the damp.

Oh well, things change!


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Those are really cool. What a shame they were tossed, but they have given new pleasure at being found and seen again.
Are you all set for the Olympics?
I saw this yesterday and was wondering if there were ever any pirates on the Thames.


Lots of Pirate flags, Jill; but usually on self-skippered hire boats, out for stag and hen party cruises.
Plenty of Jolly Rogering when they hit town!

Strangely, that Sharpie came all the way across the seas from Butler – amazing!