Question How to Design for Stair Risers


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I am a graphic designer being asked to design graphics for a bunch of stair risers. How do I design an produce print/cut ready artwork so that the image looks correct and not distorted or elongated when being viewed from the bottom of the staircase?

I thought I remembered there being a program that was designed for this but I can't remember, it's been a long time. Does anyone know of a program that does this? or how to do it? I found this image that explains what I am trying to do.



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Well the picture says that company has a "patented formula." They may be able to do it for you! It's more than likely 3d software to build the staircase to scale the images and then slicing it up.

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Not to dismiss the OP question, I understand what they're asking, but wouldn't the image be "correct" from only
one small spot? It seems 3-4 steps forward-backwards-left-right the image wouldn't look right.

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I'm far from a math wiz, but it seems like it would be a ratio, meaning:
if the bottom of the image was 20' away and the top was 100' away, in Photoshop
you would set perspective 5:1

Of course, in the sample, the steps have (I'm unsure of step vernakular) you have inclines/risers
and landings, so that would make it much more complicated,,,
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this is a really nice piece of software (a really nice algorithm actually)
more complicated than you think
you need to segment the image for the number of stairs, compensate for the width of stairs, as well as height of risers. (this part is a ratio)

in simplest terms, i guess you are printing the same image (propetly scaled) for each stair and it's riser. image has to look correct regardless of height of viewer. are they at ground level seeing only risers? much higher up, seekng only stairs? as you move closer, you are seeing a little bit of both elements

maybe. it's just cabin fever, i want to print a set of stairs