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How to print and contour cut this logo


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Can you guys help me with this. See this logo attached. This is going on a clear glass door. This would be in full color and contour-cut. And this would be applied on the backside of the glass (from the inside facing out / 2nd surface). So my question is, how do I achieve this? It has to be this full color that will show on both sides (front and back) and has to be contour-cut. How can I do this. Or which vendor can do this? Please help!


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CorelDRAW is best
We just did some "double-sided" decals for the same purpose i.e. apply to inside of glass yet visible from inside and outside.
1. Print "mirror image" to clear vinyl
2. Laminate it with a white vinyl that also has white
3. Print a separate non-mirrored one on regular white vinyl
4. Apply #3 to the clear one

Our decals didn't need to be "shape cut" though. It was just squares and only about 20 decals so we just cut them with a straight edge and xacto. Wouldn't take much to implement reg marks for plotting though.

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You'll have to use a transparent material, reverse your image to print. Then, depending on equipment capabilities, you'll either need to do a second print pass with white to back it, or if your printer doesn't print white, you can use a white vinyl to laminate the back of it. Either way, you'll need the clear for your mirrored print, since you can't print onto any adhesive side, and then something white behind it in order to achieve the color you want.


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signs365 has dual view window clings. They work pretty awesome.

If you're doing this yourself, it's pretty easy. Print the image in reverse on clear vinyl. The print a white/grey/white to create a blockout layer. The print the image again (not reversed). Cut, weed, tape, apply.