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how to recover cut files from Flexi


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A transformer blew up yesterday across the street from us and 500 businesses were powerless for over 3 hours. When the power came back my print comp had an issue with windows and would not start up. 6 months ago I had all the hard drives cloned and keep them for just this reason. swapped out the hard drive and I am up and running again and I could get all my current updated files off the old harddrive and reinstall them into my customer files. Worked like a charm, except I forgot that I need to get the current cut/ print files out of the old drive and figure they must be resident somewhere in the flexi program...any idea where to retrieve them?


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C: (or whatever your hard drive letter is) , Program Files (x86)>SAi>SAi Production Suite>Jobs and Settings>FlexiJobs. There you will see each machine with it's own folder. Keep in mind only any jobs you have set to HOLD after print or cut will be there.


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I normally just use a USB case for the old hard drive so I can just plug it in and get any files off of it I may need.