How to remove sunbaked factory decals?


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A local carlot brought a S-10 truck by that has 2 factory decals running down the center of truck , originally I think they were a matt silver decal, now they are dried and cracked in most places, looks like alligator skin, in some places the entire vinyl portion is gone, and all that remains is the adhesive portion, it almost looks like a additional clearcoat on top of original paint, the decals are dry and rough, is there anyway to remove them? any input would be appreciated, thanks


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Elbow grease and a lot of cuss words? I’m removing a big wrap and scoring it so smaller sections peel off faster and easier.


Whoever solves that problem will be a wealthy person. There are numerous gadgets and chemicals that help, but the solution is still powered by what geckophoto refers to as 'Elbow grease and cuss words'


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Yea, no miracle method. And on top of it you will have a wicked ghost and the rest of the paint might not look so great either.


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I use the MBX Vinyl Zapper to work on very old and cracked vinyl. Also a combination of heat, rapid remover and lots of elbow grease!


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What’s best solvent to remove grey adhesive left on the trailer after heating the vinyl to remove? Used a stick to pull vinyl off easier, grip like doing a pull up and a lot les strain on my hands/fingers!


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Thanks for input, I kinda new the answer before I posted, but hoped someone had a magic solution, so I will pass along info about elbow grease and cuss words, lol


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There are easier ways to remove old cracked decals but they are extremely expensive such as a high-pressure steam sprayer.

I do like the MBX vinyl zapper. The cheapest place I found was from Lowen Certified. Great place to buy a lot of 3M rollers and tools at about 30% savings as well....


Its easy to remove the decals from the s 10. I'm an expert. Yes.. I sometimes Braag about it.

You do a combination of things.
1) you might need some " vinyl Off"
2) a razor on a pole . ( available at Orielys) 12 bucks
3) mineral spirits.
4) heat gun

I don't know the condition of the paint .
Lots of varibles..
I'd use a paintbrush and slap some mineral spirits on it then you heat it up with the gun and then very carefully slide the blade under the old beat-up decal.
Holding it at an angle works best Don't Force anything .
Easy Does It
If it's not coming off then I would go ahead with plan B..... Brush on some vinyl off. Wait 13 minutes , and try again.
It helps to know how to finesse the blade.
It will come off now.
This doesn't work on cargo trailers because the paint is too cheap and aluminum is hard to work with.

I can remove it off of brand new Corvette, and not even leave any kind of a mark.

Caution: vinyl off doesn't like CHEAP PAINT.