HP DesignJet 500C printing on vinyl for outdoor use

Is the HP DesignJet 500C able to print on vinyl for out door use? :help If so is it a good choice for Banners, Wraps, Etc.?

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The HP 500c is just a larger version of a desktop inkjet printer. If you print something with it and hang it/use it outside it will be faded out to nothing in a few weeks/months. So no, it would not be a choice for banners or car wraps. For those items you more than likely want a solvent, mild-solvent or eco-solvent based printer.

Average cost for a new eco-solvent printer is around $12-30,000.00 then you need a RIP to drive the printer...$2,500+, a cutter/plotter if you want to die-cut things like decals or custom shapes etc...$3,000+ and then finally a laminator $2000-$5000. Very easy to have a minimum of $20k+ invested just to get started...


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We used HP Inkjet at my old employer. They can print on a scrim vinyl for outdoor use but like the last poster said they don't last very long.

In my experience I had more trouble with the vinyl falling apart before the image faded.

If you have a laminater you can apply something like Accushield which will keep it from fading as quickly.


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You can also use "Clear Shield". It is a laminate that comes in a spray can or you can apply it w/ a low nap roller, or even use it in a paint sprayer for larger jobs. I have a 42" HP 500, and we do banners for a local "Jump For Joeys" kids play center. Just banners for the kids to take home and think its cool. Try using Jexar vinyl, it works great. But outdoor use is a no no for these printers