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HP Designjet L26500 printing wider


New Member
Apologies in advance, i'm not a expert with this stuff hence asking for help after google attempts!

We're using an ONYX workflow with our HP Designjet L26500, the rolls of vinyl substrate we're using indicate they're 1372 wide on the packaging, but attempting to print anything over about 1300 wide, onyx complains the artwork is too wide for the media?

I thought maybe the CutContour barcode was taking up the rest so was going to try turning it off for the specific job by going to "Info" for the job in the Postershop Rip-Queue list, but everything is unticked already (though it is adding them on somewhere else).

Is it possible to somehow use the rest of the width of our rolls, or is this just a limitation of the printer?

Sorry for the newbie-ness, I have looked around the software and on the net for answers in advance!


New Member
it's possible, you should be able to comfortably hit 1350. sorry my 26500 knowledge is limited to a colorgate ri[, but check things like margins, space between prints etc. i'm running a 360 on onyx now and can easily get 1350, i never had to change any defaults to make that happen.