HP DesignJet z6810


Production Artist
Brief question.... am I crazy/missing something, or is this just a design flaw in this printer? When a cartridge runs out of ink mid-job, can the z6810 really not pick up where it left off, as its predecessor (the z6100) did? This is so ridiculous. When a cartridge runs out, I can no longer just replace it and continue printing. I have to cancel the entire job, run over to my RIP software, see what percentage of the run it was through, hope I can see the job queue preview and figure out what it printed up to, and then try to re-queue up the job once the ink has been filled.

This seems like an absolutely idiotic design 'feature' on HP's part, when the system worked perfectly fine on the older DesignJets. Or is it some setting I can change?

These printer models also seem to struggle with 'picking up' on very low, but not empty, cartridges. Cannot tell you how many times I've put in low ink (definitely not empty, though), and had the z6810 tell me to replace it.


i wonder if there is a "threshold" setting that determines how low the cartridge can be when swapping?