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Need Help HP Deskjet 1050C Decal printing


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I want to make decals for an outdoor product, my intention is to print it and laminate it to make it last longer. What material can I print on? Any brand suggestion, my printer is 30".


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Not familiar with your printer but I'm sure you can find adequate info if you use the "Search" function here or contact your local media/sign products suppler.


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When I used to run an Encad inkjet (yes that salesman saw me coming a mile away) with the pigment ink set we had pretty good results with vinyl from Sihl
Not sure if this is the number but I think so (its been a while):
If you are running the dye inks they will fade pretty fast.
With the pigment you could get a few months without lam and maybe a year or so with lam. We used Oracal 210 at the time.