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  • i want to post a for sale ad in your classifieds... so i purchased a premium subscription for one month, yesterday thru paypal. Got the receipt of payment to Eon Media, LLC. Have tried several times since, to post a ad. its not giving me the option... Can you help?
    Anthony Garcia
    So I paid for a membership a few days ago (6months) and I still can't post in the classified...? Can you help ?
    Please fix the search engine to allow for short words. For example, I'm searching for XC-540 disconnecting. This messages comes up - "The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: xc, 540". This restriction makes it very difficult to search.
    On Thursday, 4-8-21, I posted a response in thread "Chromalux Sublimation Color Help" offering some guidance in profiling. I also said the OP could call me for further help if needed, as profiling discussion can get a bit complicated. There was no solicitation for business.

    This post was deleted because I am not a Merchant Member? Please explain what rule I violated.
    i think we all need to keep our heads down.
    this whole thing is going to get ugly

    adding enough stolen votes to "win" looks like a mandate for dramatic change to these people

    i am not sure what they will do with 25,000 troops in DC
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