Question HP L26500 Print Issues


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I am having some problems with my printer. I was printing all day yesterday with no issues at all.

I came in this morning and had to change out the PH Cleaning Kit. This is when the problems started.

See Photo. Though it may look cool, the vertical lines of color are not supposed to be in the print.

Has anybody else experienced this issue before?

Any suggestions on how to fix it, besides burning the thing down to the ground and buying a new printer.


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Did you change the spitting tube? Is It properly installed? You didn't destroy your encoder strip by accident?
Is you ethernet cable properly connected?

Can't really think of anything else so sudden. Take out the print heads and reseat them. If you messed up something you could have Hurt the bottom cable of the printhead.


data issues for sure. check all cables & connections that they're seated properly, and check encoder strip for any imperfections.