HP v/s Roland


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Hey everyone. Just got in Signs101. I have a Roland SP-540V and I'm looking for a new printer. I went to see the HP L25500 in action. This is the first printer that I know that use Latex Ink (water base) and I would like to know if anyone of you have one and how does it work in real life (not in a show). I like the Roland, but this new odorless and fast to dry ink is interesting. If you have experience with HPs, your comments will help me a lot to make my decision. Thank you


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Got one - pretty sweet being able to handle material minutes after printing. Speed is alright ONCE IT GETS GOING. It has a slow heater time so going from sleep or first print in the morning or after lunch takes a few minutes to get going but once its up its good.
haven't had to do any maintenance on it yet so can't tell you about any malfunctions. So far I'm pleased.
we went and viewed the L25500 and the roland vp540i side by side last summer. we went with the roland in the end as i new they were good, solid reliable machines. the L25500 looked great and i liked the replacement heads etc idea.
in the end it comes down to want you want out of a printer, budget, and how much your going to run it i guess.