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Hp3500cp error in production manager (MAC)


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Production manager Rip log Error:

Error: Cannot write disk-based screen cache (temp/PSscreen/).
Possible Reason: Normal standard output message

This one make little sense. I have found the TCP/IP settings for the HP so I can at least make attempts at connecting. I have tried the LPR and ftp also. I am using the default Port: 9100 because I know no other to specifically try.

Is it just the port? Anyone know which it should be?


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this does make sence. However, in my opinion this has nothing to do with the ports. THis sound like an OS problem writing to the hard drive.. What is the software that is doing the work? Is it MAC flexi?

The final two words talk about the location where this file is trying to go and its name. The temp folder / ps screen. I would guess the file is too big for your memory.. Just a guess..


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jschaudtIs it just the port? Anyone know which it should be? thanks said:
Mac dude here.....I've never worked with an HP printer with a Mac ....but, I can almost guarantee you what you are describing is a "port" thing. And sorry, I don't know which one it should be. That's either going to be your Tech dude answer or....the ol' hunt 'n shoot method. Good luck bud. :glasses: