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Hi all,

I have found this school font i needed for a school job i have. on dafont.com i downloaded the zip file the font works great in photoshop or illustrator but i cant get it in my winpcsign software because the file extension is not the same :( and it also tels me that the font is embeded when try to transform it. what does embeded means???? i have always used winpcsign.... usuly i import in winpcsign from illustrator but when i try whit this nothing happens??? is it possible to cut whit illustrator?? I barely use illustrator but it is the only other software I have and i need to get this school font cut the soonest.... i have wasted lots of time already.

any help is apreciated



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Try doing the text you need in Illustrator, converting it to outlines. And then save it as an .eps you can load in WinPCSign.

Now that I think about it, saving it as an .eps should make it outlines anyway.

But thats just my quick suggestion.


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DJ is corrct in his first statement. I do think you should convert to outlines first, this is done by selecting the text after everything is typeset correctly, spellchecked, kerned & whatever other type related modifications may need to be applied (bold, italic etc.) ... then the pull-down "type" menu will show "create outlines". It is often wise to take this step on a copy of the file "saved as" some other filename, so you also still have one with the text intact