I made the front page!


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After reading CSDD's post about being on television, I just remembered that I never shared my recent appearance on the front page of the local newspaper, about some charitable work we did for a client:
Pictured is me applying my prints to coroplast using my seal 54" for a recent campaign about breastfeeding awareness.
(unlaminated mactac cheapo vinyl... no way I was doing it by hand or with transfer mask)

wait, it gets better.... next to my picture, the headline reads:
"Getting attention for breastfeeding"
my friends still like to laugh at me about it....

longstory short, the campaign was to educate women on their rights to breastfeed in public places. "flash-mob"-type events where my self-standing fullsize coroplast characters were placed all around and actual women were also standing in the scene, breastfeeding their baby. We even attached brochure holders to the back of the coroplast for flyers with more information about the campaign, laws, etc. Turned out to be a hit, made the news, etc. But this headline/picture still haunts me