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I put my jv3 into a nozzle wash every night


New Member
I do this because the sensor for the wiper is sort of malfunctioning so at night when I leave, the moment it does a sleep cleaning the wiper moves out about an inch then stops and the machine sits idel like this with instructions to hit the enter button....until then it sits on and never cleans itself. My service guy looked at it and said it probably is a sensor. I f I leave it in a nozzle wash and turn the main power off when I leave then the heads will stay clean and not dry out.. I have now been doing this for 3 months...the printer still prints great and I notice that it never asks me anymore to replace the wiper. I still see it doing the routine where it wipes the heads after so many jobs, yet it does not seem to be wearing out.... I am still curious if I can continue to do this indefinitely... I will change the wiper manually without being prompted as that function does not seem to work anymore.