identify my rotary cutter


about 3 years ago, we got a 60" rotary cutter thrown in when i bought a 44" seal laminator from an art gallery

the rubber roller needs to be replaced, but there is no identifying label on the machine

only one that says refer to owners manual...

any suggestions? the roller only contacts the pressure plate, not any media.

see pictures


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It looks kinda like a Dahle, MBM, Triumph.
Underneath the table top there should be a 1.5" x 2" decal with model number. the ending numbers would be like 0155 for a 61" media trimmer.

I have tried to get a new knife edge for mine and it has been so frustrating as to
who actually makes these, and then to get parts, that I will simply buy a new one.

Mine has a 1/64 arc in the center from making a zillion cuts.

I recently added a brand new Rota Trim, and it is not as good as the MBM.
Nazdar had a Foster dual rotary trimmer at a give away price. Still not as good.

Look on eBay for wide format rotary paper trimmers.
There are two listings one from Whitaker Bros. and another out on the Left Coast.
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thank you,
you got me at least searching in the right neighborhood

it appears it is a rototrim, perhaps a digitech series (or a chinese knock off)
b & h has the heads in stock, (and if i recall, it was thrown in when a purchased a seal 4000)