IJ1080 Not Sticking


Hello Everyone,

i seam to be having trouble having the controtac ij1080 sticking in grooves of cars. it will go down then come back up. i even primed before and used heat.
Any Suggestions:design:


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If it's a new vehicle the dealer puts their special shiny goo on it before delivery. I did a partial on my bro's new truck and it took both of us nearly 5 hours to get it "stripped" to my satisfaction. What a PITA!!!! Used S-W R7K156 followed by Orange Peel then 2 thorough hand washings with strong de-greasing soap.

I told him if he ever wants me to do this again tell the dealer do not pre-delivery prep. It took twice as long to clean than install.

Once you think you got it really clean do it again!