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illustrator CS1 font preview question


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I have several plans for change in 2007.
One of them is to quit procrastinating in my acceptance of the Illustrator upgrades I've been buying. I bought 10, CS1 & CS2 over the last several years, so I could always open any files my clients bring me, but I've kept using 9 all this time.

One thing I like being able to do in Photoshop 6 is type out a line of text, select it, & then highlight the font name in the character box, & then using the arrow key... I can quickly run through dozens of fonts in order as I see my selected text change. This is so much quicker then the only way I know how to do this in version 9

I've also noticed that this same method works in CS2, so that will make me take to the program easier... but since I can only "activate" the program on 2 computers, I will only have CS1 on my other 2 computers.

Is there a different way in CS1 to scroll through several fonts while the selected text allows me to preview a display as quick as clicking an arrow key?


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that's strange. I wondered if I was just up too late last night & not paying attention, but it doesn't work for me even when I went & tried again after reading your post. I wonder if it even works in version 9 if I knew what seeting I must have tweaked the wrong way.

..speaking of tweaked the wrong way... if i find out I could have had that convenience in AI9 for all these years...


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I have CS1 and I have the same "problem" as you...can't scroll through the font selection as there is no font dialogue box, everything is menu driven. If somebody could find the key to this little issue that would be great. It's these little things that make it difficult to make a commitment to Illustrator, or any other program, when you can just do it easier another way. Now that I think about it, you can't preview fonts on the fly with Omega either for installed fonts, only for Gerber fonts when working with the TOWS text tool. Usually if I need to preview fonts like that I use Bitstream Font Navigator, a feature that comes with Corel. That really does a good job as you can preview every font on your PC whether it's installed or not. In a pinch, I'll actually go over to Word and type it in there just because it allows previewing of installed fonts in the font dialogue box.....don't tell anybody though!


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No font preview is one of the main reasons that I never upgraded any of my Adobe products and why I never really got into AI that much, not knowing if they addressed this.

...this is one of the things I like about Corel... :)


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I can't stand the fact that it's taken so long to adobe to do that. Shame they only did it for photoshop (don't have cs2 Illustrator). I gotta run the font thing when working on AI. =/


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iSign - I sure owe you and everyone else an apology . . .

I was actually thinking of Photoshop, and then just envisioning the drop

box from Illustrator which shows the font names ! ! !


My Bad !


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darn it... I saw you posted again & I figured you was gonna school me on how you was workin' it...

..oh well, at least I don't feel so illiterate now, thinking I've been doing something the hard way, that could have been the easy way.


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Yeah, Sorry 'bout that . . . When you deal with so many different Programs,

sometimes things can get a little fuzzy !


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Still no way to do this in CS3??? Trying to force myself to use Adobe, but it's tough when it doesn't even do something this simple. What a PITA!


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I think what you are looking for is called "Control Palette".

In Illustrator: Click "Window" and make sure "Control Palette" has a check next to it.

Use the text tool, type some words, hi-light text (at the top of the screen you will see a place to change the font), click in the box to select a font, at that point you can scroll up and down with your keyboard and the font changes on your screen.

Is that what we are looking for??



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I think what you are looking for is called "Control Palette". In Illustrator: Click "Window" and make sure "Control Palette" has a check next to it.

I use Character>Glyphs, and it works great for me.

You are on the right track, I was hoping that the Contorl Pallette would show a preview of the text, similar to what is in Ps and Corel DRAW, like what is posted up above by 2NinerNiner2

The Glyphs thing is helpful for sure though too! Thanks.

Bob Gilliland

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CS2 & CS3…not sure about CS as it’s been awhile:
  • Select text with Type tool
  • Single left click on the current font name
  • Scroll list using up or down arrow key to see preview

*** [CTRL+h] will hide the selection highlight that might make it easier to see the text as you scroll through the list. For the MAC users among us, that would be (CMND+H). Don't forget to toggle highlight back on, [CTRL+h], if you like seeing the highlight elsewhere in the program ***

*** Single left click on the font name is important. If you click on the drop down arrow, no go! At least from a “scrolling” perspective. ***