Illustrator PDF Color Problems


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Whenever I save as PDF in Illustrator the colours have changed when I open the PDF again. This is a huge inconvenience when clients or printers need artwork in PDF format. Does anybody have any ideas to fix this? Thanks.


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PDF's for offset or any other printing for that matter should be saved as Press Quality. Turning off Optimize for Fast Web View must be turned off also. It is not as simple as saving as PDF. Like anything else you have to be familiar with the settings.
We work with an offset printer that has a litany of things they require from a PDF to fit their workflow and color matching. Always comes out great.


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You can also use Adobe Distiller. Save a EPS to the "In" folder and you get the great looking PDF in the "Out" folder.
Distiller comes in CS bundles, install it if you did not and set the folders on your computer. Set the quality, and every time you want to save a PDF, there will be no more guessing.