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illustrator resizing shape


New Member
Hi guys,

I want to resize my logo to 8'' wide exactly in illustrator 10 but cant find were to enter my values...?????...this is stupid.....:help:

thanks :signs101:


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
In Illustrator 10 you must

  • Enter one dimension
  • Hold down Control and enter Tab
Don't ask why. CS2 is more traditional.


New Member
Theres a little icon next to where you enter the numeric value, it looks like a little link of chain, click on it.

Bill Modzel

New Member
Look under Window>Transform and that will give you the transform pallet.
Select your object and it's dimensions will show up there. Change your width from whatever to 8" and hit Command>Return to scale it proportionatly.

That's control>return if your on a pc.